Math Classes

Strong FUNdamentals! Math Classes for Preschool through Algebra 1.

Math is a powerful tool that teaches children to REASON, ANALYZE, and LOGICALLY SOLVE PROBLEMS. With these skills there is no limit to the opportunities that will open for your child in our techno-savvy 21st century marketplace.

It is a fact that colleges regard math very highly and look carefully at every class our child chooses and every grade they earn in high school. But math preparation doesn’t just begin in high school. Math is a subject that builds on itself every year. In order to believe that he or she can earn that A in high school, our child really needs to first earn that A in middle school. And the foundation for middle school is set in elementary school. Beginning successfully leads to confidence and continued success.

Every parent knows that it is easier to maintain a child’s confidence rather than build it back up again. A proactive approach to learning is the key to success. This is what my parents did for me and this is what I did for my children. I am excited to announce the launch of our new program enabling us to do the same for your child. Math builds on itself every year, so it is imperative to not only start with a strong foundation but to keep building on it every year. Gaps in the foundation will eventually show and your child will not be able to succeed at/enjoy math down the line. With math, it is imperative to start strong and stay strong. When children have a strong math foundation, it frees them up to concentrate more on other subjects in school and results in an overall stronger performance in school. Our kids spend most of the day in school, so confidence in school translates to confidence in life!

Our math classes:

  • Are Grade Specific
  • Complement the School Curriculum 
  • Highly Interactive and Engaging – kids actually have fun! And we are not just seeing their work on paper, but are in tune with their actual thought processes
  • Customized and Provide Individualized attention.  Our classes have only 2-4 children in a class.
  • Prove that “Math is NOT Magic”– not only teaching children how to solve problems but why to solve them in a particular manner.  We will lead your child into discovering new concepts as an extension of previous concepts. They will understand that math is a wonderful puzzle where all the pieces fit together to reveal the big picture. They will not be burdened with carrying around a bag of unrelated pieces that are becoming harder and harder to manage. We will also show them how to best express their work on paper to avoid careless errors/confusion.
  • Eliminate Common Misconceptions/Incorrect Thought Processes.  Based on experience, we know exactly what areas to address and how to make sure your child understands the key basics every step of the way.   We purposefully ask questions in class that require your child to dig deeper…
  • Focus on Building Numeracy in the Elementary School Years.  We never want kids to rely on their fingers.  We teach them to truly understand numbers. Even our first graders can mentally add 9+7 or subtract 15-8! We start learning how to memorize our multiplication tables as soon as second grade. This is an imperative foundation for fractions, story problems and so much more…
  • Clearly Explain Advanced Concepts, Supporting Middle Schoolers with their Schoolwork.  We do not want your child to just blindly memorize facts and methods, as often occurs in school. Eventually, they will reach saturation. We want them to be able to CONJECTURE and DERIVE methods as needed.  Even children earning an ‘A’ grade in school are glad they came to our classes. 
  • Designed to Build Confidence. We believe confidence is imperative to success. In order to succeed, a child needs to believe they can succeed!

Unfortunately, our girls are subject to the stereotypes surrounding math from a very young age. We have even had a little Kindergarten girl state that boys are better at math than girls. When we asked why she thought this, she said she had read it in a book! Many boys also develop an “I am just not good at math,” outlook and that is not fair to them. Time and again, it is because their foundation each year has gotten weaker due to gaps in understanding carrying over from the previous years.

The sooner children are equipped with the appropriate tools, the more successfully they will build upon their skill set. Here is a Seattle Times article on math and preschoolers.

With our classes, your child will start strong and stay strong! And our class format will ensure that they will enjoy the journey… 

A Strong Foundation Today… A Limitless Tomorrow!

Here you can see how a strong foundation allows even the youngest of children to quickly grasp advanced topics in math.

Truly understanding the number line allows our Kindergartener to do pre-Algebra integer math!

Here, a kindergartener enjoys a multiplication game with our instructor.

These videos are meant to illustrate the power of a strong foundation and do not necessarily illustrate what we teach in our KG courses.

Class Format

We run these classes for Preschool through Algebra 1.

Our small groups (only 2-4 students) can help a child:

  • Excel in their current grade
  • Take a look ahead
  • Take a second look at last year’s material and fill in the gaps.

Our goal is that by the time children are out of high school, they will be capable self-learners. But in the meantime, we want to make sure they develop a love of learningNo one likes to sit quietly filling out worksheets or conquering workbooks. 

Our sessions are highly interactive and energetic. We are there to clarify their thought processes before incorrect patterns take root. We share their joy in that “Eureka!” moment when a concept suddenly makes sense. Children in our programs know that their instructor truly cares

We will devote special time to areas that we know can be stumbling blocks for our young learners. In a classroom of thirty children, it is often not possible for a teacher to address or even recognize each student’s specific needs.

A mini-group is the optimal environment for learning. We limit our sessions to just 2-4 children. There is no doubt that children remain more focused and motivated in the presence of other children. You won’t have to hear, “Why am I the only one taking extra math classes?” This also allows us to set up fun team challenges: the students vs. the instructor. (Somehow the instructor always seems to lose – but not without a fight!) Even our shyest children walk out of our sessions with a confident smile.

We want math to become a tool in your child’s hands and never feel like it’s a “hammer hitting them over the head.” It makes us so happy to hear our math students actually say, “This is fun! I like this…” Here are some testimonials from our parents and students!

My 6th grade daughter was having difficulty keeping up in school, most especially in her math class. This led to a lack in confidence and feelings of discouragement. There was a radical change after her math tutoring with Anu, having one to two sessions weekly during the school year and over the summer [along with a summer math camp]. Since starting 7th grade, math has now become her favorite subject! She is achieving better grades and keeping up just fine. This has led to a feeling of confidence and a positive feedback loop, improving her performance in her other classes as well! She enjoys her sessions with Anu, and I appreciate Anu’s teaching ability and sincere efforts in helping my daughter.

Tuition and Schedule

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. Step back and I will act.”

Old Chinese Proverb