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    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
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  • email: [email protected] | (360) 209-3135 
    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
    Located in North Seattle
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    Google Review for Math: Julie B. and Sam, PhD in Pharmacy and 777 Pilot, parents of 6th grader
    “Our family considers Ms. Anu Jain, founder of Kids With An Edge, a godsend for our 6th grader! She is not only talented in teaching and getting through to stubborn pre-teens, she is also a positive and encouraging role model for our daughter. Ms. Jain is patient, organized, reliable, kind, and fun. My daughter has always struggled with academics, and we have tried Kumon, Firefly Tutoring, and other private tutoring since kindergarten. It is not until we finally met Ms. Jain that her performance has improved and she feels confident in math. What strikes me most about Ms. Jain is her genuine concern to help her students truly succeed. She has vast experience with children of all ages and capacities. She turns even the most emotional, stormy, uncooperative, pre-teen into a willing and eager learner in minutes, with her sincere and caring personality and her gentle but assertive teaching style. She is a perfect match for our daughter and we are grateful everyday to have found her! Ms. Jain has a special gift of teaching and she is using her gift to change lives. I intend to have Ms. Jain as support for my daughter even through high school and university!”

    Google Review for Reading and Math: Allyson O., mother of 2nd grader
    “In an effort to avoid the summer slide we decided to have our daughter work with Anu over the summer. We are so happy with our decision and feel so grateful that she is now a part of our daughter’s life. Our 7 year old just entered the 2nd grade and we are currently meeting with Anu once a week to work on math. After the 1st meeting my daughter said “I’m coming back, it was so fun!” MATH IS FUN… you can’t get any better than that! Our daughter adores Anu. She makes learning fun and our daughter’s skills and confidence have soared right from the start. We are grateful for the wonderful learning and fun that happens during each visit. We look forward to having Anu as a partner in our daughter’s education for many years to come! Calculus will be here before we know it!!”

    Google Review for Early Reading: Katy P. and Vivek, Global Health Consultant and Facebook Engineer, parents of twin Preschoolers
    “Our 5-yo twins have been doing reading tutoring with Anu for the last 2 months and we are so impressed with their progress! I was floored when at the end of their second class, they both read a mini book to me, correctly sounding out all the words. I had never seen them do anything like that before. While they both showed signs of reading readiness and knew most of their letters, I had done no actual “teaching” of reading to them myself, we just read a lot of books together and I could tell they had a strong interest in learning more. They have now read several little books, each one getting progressively more difficult. The biggest sign of success for us is that these normally shy girls seem very empowered by the experience – they have been telling everyone that they are learning how to read and are really proud of themselves. They also adore Anu and constantly ask when the next reading class is. We’re hoping the confidence boost they are getting from this tutoring experience will help ease the big Kindergarten transition coming in September. Thank you, Anu!”

    Google Review for Early Reading: Hope H., Child Development Psychologist and mother of Preschooler
    “Our 4 year old will be one of the youngest in her class this fall when she starts Kindergarten. After coming from a play based preschool with an emphasis on social emotional learning rather than academics, we wanted to give her a little boost of confidence around phonetics and reading with tutoring sessions with Anu. We were hoping that she would be able to differentiate between her upper and lower case letters as wells as master their sounds. Anu’s tutoring sessions have far exceeded our goals. Our daughter is sounding out words, putting them together and reading! Anu has a wonderful way with children. Our daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week. She loves to practice her phonetics and is proud of her skills. We highly recommend Anu and are so grateful to have found her.”

    Google Review for Early Reading: Olivia C., mother of Preschooler
    “Over the past year, I’ve tried to teach my daughter to read using various methods including the popular “Teach your child to read in 100 days” and the numerous phonics methods out in the market. She also attends preschool twice a week and knows all her letters. We are a reading family, have plenty of books and do bedtime story every night. Yet despite our best efforts, our daughter was still unable to read on her own. Given she is entering Kindergarten this fall, I wanted to make sure she was able to read before she started so I enrolled her into the reading class at Kids with an edge 4 weeks ago. I was impressed when after just 4 lessons over 2 weeks, my daughter came home to start reading on her own. And this time it’s no longer “reading” based on pictures and guessing, but actually sounding out the words and reading them. It’s only been a month and she’s definitely reading consistently and accurately. Now I am sure she will be ready for Kindergarten and is able to start the school year feeling confident about herself and being able to follow the lessons in class. Thank you Anu for helping her to unlock her reading potential.”

    Yelp Review for Reading: Brain C., father of 1st grader
    “I cannot begin to describe how happy we are that we found Anu Jain, or Ms. Anu as we call her at our house!

    “My wife and I have had concerns about our daughters reading skill. Her teachers at school kept advising us that she was not reading at grade level and would likely finish the year behind. As parents, we first freaked out for a bit while we looked at all options, even private school. One day, while looking for solutions, I came across Kids with an Edge.

    “We met with Anu and immediately knew we were in the right place. Anu is caring, compassionate, prepared, and above all highly qualified. She truly is a master of her craft and in just on month our daughter has gone from being unable to read a book alone, to begging to read by herself every night at bedtime. Now, our daughter is not just able to read, but is loving it too.

    “Finding Anu has been a saving grace, and if your kid needs help, I would emphatically suggest meeting Anu before making a commitment to a corporate tutoring company, of which there are several in the area!”

    Google Review for Early Reading: Kelly Y., Nurse and mother of Kindergartener
    “Our 6 year old daughter has struggled with early reading (letters, phonetics, site words) for most of her Kindergarten year. This is despite me, her father and another friend working with her regularly. After 2 sessions with Ms. Jain, she returned home SO happy and proud that she could read! She mentioned at least two times, “Mama, I can read and I love reading!”. It brought tears to my eyes. She is such a fire! There is nothing like giving your children the gift of learning. We are so thankful to have found Ms. Jain.”

    Google Review for Reading: Naeem D., Scientist and father of 3rd grader
    “We are very pleased with Anu’s tutoring skills. She is an extremely gifted teacher, very patient and effective. She is able to identify the areas that need support and provide the best resources and practice to help kids succeed. Our son has progressed tremendously in the few weeks he’s been with her. We are very impressed and grateful!”

    End of the year follow-up from email by mother: “Thanks again for all your help. [He] wouldn’t have gotten to level O [meeting standard for grade level] so quickly without your help. You are a fantastic tutor!! 

    Google Review for Math for HCC bound child: Yungin R., Professor and mother of Kindergartener
    “We were looking for ways to provide my then 5-year old daughter with more challenges outside of her classroom and are very happy that we found Anu! She knows how to entertain and challenge a kid, and uses customized materials to keep my daughter engaged during the session. Thanks so much for all you do!”

    Google Review for Math: Marc T., Senior Copywriter and Consultant for a global cloud services provider and father of 6th grader
    “My son Henry has had difficulty in math as long as I can remember. As he’s headed into middle school this coming school year, his mother and I decided that we would try to find a tutor who can help him not only understand basic concepts but also overcome his feeling that he’s
    “just not good at math”. After only a few months of working with Anu Jain, he has made serious progress in catching up on the fundamentals and now doesn’t complain about doing his math homework.

    “Henry has been able to more readily memorize multiplication tables, understand fractions, read large numbers into the millions, and much more. While he still has a long way to go in terms of catching up to other kids his age, we feel confident that Anu’s tutoring has made
    – and will continue to make – a dramatic difference in his educational endeavors. All in all, Anu has been a kind, accommodating, and very effective teacher!”

    Google Review: Shelly Kamran, Event Planner and former Math student
    “Anu Jain of Kids with an Edge taught me calculus in high school and it is a huge testament to how strong my math skills are today. I am literally in spreadsheets most of the day and the foundation I got from Anu (who runs Kids with an Edge Tutoring program) was instrumental in my success with how fluid I am with numbers today. The school’s teaching style really helps young people become more confident with challenging homework, obtaining stronger math skills, and being able to tackle challenges in the classroom. I highly recommend the tutoring here!”

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