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Google Review for Middle School Math: Julie B., PhD in Pharmacy and mother of 6th grader

Our family considers Ms. Anu Jain, founder of Kids With An Edge, a godsend for our 6th grader! She is not only talented in teaching and getting through to stubborn pre-teens, she is also a positive and encouraging role model for our daughter. Ms. Jain is patient, organized, reliable, kind, and fun. My daughter has always struggled with academics, and we have tried Kumon, Firefly Tutoring, and other private tutoring since kindergarten. It is not until we finally met Ms. Jain that her performance has improved and she feels confident in math. What strikes me most about Ms. Jain is her genuine concern to help her students truly succeed. She has vast experience with children of all ages and capacities. She turns even the most emotional, stormy, uncooperative, pre-teen into a willing and eager learner in minutes, with her sincere and caring personality and her gentle but assertive teaching style. She is a perfect match for our daughter and we are grateful everyday to have found her! Ms. Jain has a special gift of teaching and she is using her gift to change lives. I intend to have Ms. Jain as support for my daughter even through high school and university!

Sarah Bricknell
Sarah Bricknell
03:50 02 Jun 22
My 10th grade daughter's math confidence was struggling after a year of remote learning. Within 2 sessions, we noticed a huge difference and it continued to improve throughout the year. The online sessions were convenient, and I appreciated that my daughter and the tutor (with me looped in) coordinated any necessary changes to the schedule. My daughter is feeling good about math, loves her tutor and her grades are stellar. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!
Matt Sussman
Matt Sussman
16:15 17 May 22
Anu was instrumental the past three years in challenging my son academically and fueling his love of learning, especially during the pandemic. The online courses that he took with Anu have helped accelerate my son to enable him to be accepted into Seattle's Highly Capable program.
Suzanne Ma
Suzanne Ma
21:04 12 May 22
I cannot recommend Kids With An Edge enough! My daughter is in 3rd grade and was really struggling to catch up in math after almost a year and a half of remote learning. We tried to help her catch up by ourselves, but it wasn't enough. A friend recommended Kids With An Edge to us and I'm SO glad she did. We tried Kumon math for over.a year, and it moved too slowly and wasn't directed enough to be truly helpful. With Kids With An Edge we went with 1-on-1 tutoring once a week, and my gosh are we happy with the results. Our daughter even enjoyed her assessment, and called it "fun." To hear her refer to math in such a positive term was already a huge win. Now she does 1-on-1 with one of the tutors, Nadia and it's better than we could have ever hoped for. Not only does her and her tutor go over any math assignments she has difficulty with during the week, but slowly she's getting up to grade level proficiency. Eventually the hope is to get her a couple of months ahead of her actual math class so she has more confidence in math. If you're curious to see if KWAE will help your child, try it for a month! It's been life changing for us. Just the change in attitude has been priceless. Now our daughter can't wait for her tutoring each week, and Nadia is more than just a tutor to her, she's been also a great mentor! We are very grateful to Kids with An Edge!!
Nithya Joseph
Nithya Joseph
22:48 09 Feb 22
My child received reading tutoring from Kids With An Edge. I can't recommend Anu and her company highly enough. Anu clearly understands the science of reading and provides actionable and accessible entry points for children to get them to understand and enjoy reading. My child is gaining confidence with reading, and she enjoys these classes tremendously.
ellie kemery
ellie kemery
04:18 08 Feb 22
We absolutely LOVE this program - and we are excited about the the level of mastery our little one is developing. Kids With An Edge - makes learning fun and gives children a new frame when it comes to the topics.
Michael Kudriavtseff
Michael Kudriavtseff
20:42 25 Jan 22
We have two children in Anu's program, and they have both blossomed into confident young learners. We started our 9yo right before covid lockdown not knowing what the future looked like, and since enrolled our 6 yo to build the same great foundation. Anu might have single handedly kept them on track and ahead of their peers, it's been great! She has built a wonderful connection with both children, and we plan to continue to see her program to its finish.
19:46 10 Oct 21
Our rising 7th grader started working with Kids With An Edge over the summer. Our goal was to keep skills sharp and get her ready for high school applications the following year. We have been working with the tutor for a few months and after taking the school's standardized tests in the fall, our daughter's score shot up about 20 points. She was also invited to join the advanced curriculum for the remainder of the year. In addition to the positive results, the tutor has been great at accommodating our busy schedule every week. Working with Kids With An Edge has been a great experience for our family.
Salma Schoenberg
Salma Schoenberg
22:49 14 Aug 21
Anu is great to work with and coordinated summer reading tutoring for my son. She completed a quick assessment of his level then assigned us to Chelsea.Chelsea is excellent, kind and compassionate and definitely adapts to my son’s learning style when needed. She loves to play games with my son sounding out words and my son has so much fun learning. I really appreciate everything they’ve done for my son this summer.
Ari Miller
Ari Miller
02:19 28 Jun 21
Anu is an amazing math teacher. Our son started with Anu when he was 4, and progressed through 2 years of material over the course of a year, through Anu's group lessons. We are located in Los Angeles, so Anu did this all over zoom, which is quite a challenge, especially with a 4 year old. Anu's patience, responsiveness to the focus of the kids, and ability to involve every child made this possible. Our son learned a lot, and we learned how to help our children learn math from watching how Anu taught him. Anu's focused follow ups after the lessons for the parents were extremely helpful.
Stephanie Bartlett
Stephanie Bartlett
14:19 15 Jun 21
My high schooler has been very happy with her online math tutoring during this past year of COVID-related remote learning. Her weekly 1-on-1 sessions get her questions answered, keep her on track, and allow her to preview class curriculum before it is addressed at school. Her tutor goes above and beyond to make sure she is prepared and truly understands what she's learning. We've been with KWAE for years (started in middle school) and plan to stay here through high school.
Ivy R
Ivy R
16:32 18 Apr 21
My third grade son enjoys math, but we were looking for a way for him to continue growing rather than just maintaining while out of school for coronavirus. My son has really enjoyed Anu's online format, and his class of three students learned much of the SPS 3rd grade math curriculum (and more!) throughout the school year keeping him one step ahead of his class. There is a good amount of homework assigned, but my son does not mind. Anu does a great job in the small group format keeping all of the kids involved and engaged. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a bit of extra support during this crazy time to be a student!
Jillian Murphy
Jillian Murphy
18:46 21 Feb 21
Kids with an Edge has been so helpful for us during this pandemic. I initially signed up my kindergartener for math and reading, but we were so happy with Anu and her lessons that we also signed up our 2nd grader for math and reading. It’s nice that it’s a small group setting so the kids feel like they’re in a classroom, they get to share any interesting or exciting news with everyone and it’s a very welcoming environment. I really feel like my kids are learning in a fun way so to them it doesn’t feel tedious.Communication with Anu is so easy. Any time I’ve needed to get in contact with her I’m able to do so. At the end of each lesson she asks to speak with the parents and then she details out what the kids learned, what they can work on and how everyone is generally performing in class. She’s also been very accommodating to me when I decided to sign up my 2nd grader after my kindergartener was already enrolled.As a new homeschooling parent it’s been valuable to me to have Kids With an Edge supplement my children’s learning. When I was searching for resources to help me homeschool, I kept finding tutoring centers or daycare centers, but I knew that what I needed was an educational space where my kids would be taught new information, in a way that is taught in schools. I didn’t want a tutoring service that just gave my kids busy work. I wanted a place that would actually teach them and that’s what we found with Anu. It’s like the weight on my shoulders is a little lighter.
Sarah Mathew
Sarah Mathew
06:49 10 Feb 21
My son said that the two highlights of 2020 were Christmas and math class with Anu. Our kids look forward to class every week because Anu makes math fun and engaging; I would recommend her classes to anyone.
Morgan Heston
Morgan Heston
16:42 09 Feb 21
I am grateful to have both of my kids working with Anu. My fourth grader is doing math, and my 1st grader is in a reading group. Both kids have really improved in their skills and their confidence has grown so much. Anu's teaching really supplements what they are learning in school and gives them a boost. We started tutoring to help shore up areas where they needed additional support, but after working with Anu every week I feel like they're both in a much better place. They enjoy the games during class and Anu does a great job of keeping everyone engaged. Highly recommend!
Elena Singh
Elena Singh
21:10 07 Feb 21
Hands down - one of best educational experiences . Anu strikes the perfect balance between directing kids and getting their best focus and attention and truly understanding the needs of children AND busy parents. She spent a total of more than an hour on the phone with me on a few occasions thinking about the best tutoring options for our family and my son. We enrolled in group math and one-on-one reading classes with a tutor. Classes start with very brief hello's and then they dive in. No time wasted on pointless chit chat. Anu has a few amazing tricks up her sleeve to teach children in a few lessons concepts that I have been struggling to teach for weeks! Our reading classes are amazing. Anu carefully curates her tutors and I have to say the tutor she chose for us - Geena - is SO engaging and enthusiastic - I love sitting and watching those classes after a busy workday at 7 pm. Again, in a matter of two weeks she gets through concepts that it takes me or school months to master. I am very happy I found Kids With Edge, I truly feel that I have my back when it comes to my son's education, I can always discuss my concerns with Anu freely and she will always have good advice or recommendation. It has been just a few weeks with winter break in between and I see my son's math and reading skills just going to a different level and his confidence growing with each class.
Brittany Simpson
Brittany Simpson
22:55 02 Feb 21
Our son is in 1st grade and has been having trouble with reading that has been exaggerated with the virtual school setting. I am soooo thankful we were able to get in with Anu, she came in and literally brought him up to speed and beyond in a matter of weeks. She has a very good curriculum that has been very successful for him. She is very good with the kids, he looks forward to his tutor session every week. I cannot thank her enough for her help in his learning as he has gained not only the ability to read, but confidence! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Roshan Gupta
Roshan Gupta
17:40 15 Jan 21
We enrolled our two kids into math and reading classes, after getting a strong recommendation from a friend of ours. Our experience has been great, and we noticed an improvement in their skills within just a couple of sessions! Anu is very, very good with our kids - and focuses not just on learning the material, but truly understanding the material. Every week, our kids end the class excited about what they learned and confident in their new skills. We recommended Kids With An Edge to our family, who have since signed up and have told us how happy they are that they did. Highly recommend!
Radhika Mathew
Radhika Mathew
00:49 10 Nov 20
Both my kids started virtual lessons with Anu in August, 2020. Although it has only been a few months, we are amazed at the progress they have made. Most importantly, Anu has fostered in them a love for math and reading. They look forward to their weekly classes with her. Anu has mastered the skill of challenging her students without frustrating them. She is extremely calm and patient and handles kids with all sorts of temperaments beautifully. We are very fortunate to have her be such an integral part of our kids' education.
Jie Lei
Jie Lei
04:15 12 Aug 20
Anu is an amazing teacher and she has the magic touch with kids. We have been working with Anu since just a couple of months before Covid struck. I can't praise her enough for successfully transitioning the class over to the online format. It's a relief to know that Anu has her bases covered and there will not be undue disruptions to my child's education.My 4 yr old is always happy and excited to be in his weekly class with Anu and his classmates. In just a few months, my son has finished the entire kindergarten curriculum for reading and math. This speaks to the effectiveness of Anu's methods and also the importance of keep children mentally engaged when schools and many extracurricular programs are canceled.Anu has so much patience and you can tell that she genuinely cares about her students. Part of what makes Anu effective is her ability to engage with children. She is always positive and breaks up lessons with educational "games" that not only test their skills but also build their enthusiasm and confidence. She is great about touching base with parents and receptive to our questions and feedback. While Anu teaches her own curriculum, she makes sure that all the kids are meeting the SPS and common core standards.In these unprecedented times of confusion and disruptions due covid, I am absolutely confident putting my son's education in Anu's hands.Update: My 4 yr old did so well with his Pre-k assessment that his teacher recommended that he move up to Kindergarten! We are so pleased with his continued educational support from Anu.
Navaal Malik
Navaal Malik
05:34 07 Aug 20
Based on our wonderful past experience, we enrolled our kids again this summer to receive math tuition by Kids With An Edge. Despite the sessions having to be online due to the COVID related in- person restrictions, all sessions went flawless. I really appreciate the flexibility, professionalism and feedback that helped my kids achieve the planned objectives. The organizers and the tutor in consultation with us established the timetable of topics to be covered beforehand, helped immensely in accessing the requisite curriculum and also provided homework to keep kids on track. My kids feel very confident that they ended up with a good grasp of the content and I would highly recommend their services.
Neely Family
Neely Family
03:58 23 Jul 20
Thanks to Anu, my kid is about ready to start reading simple chapter books before starting kindergarten! As a widowed parent of a four year old who started sounding out CVC words right after turning three, I was at a loss for how to keep up with it. My kiddo hit a (very long-lasting) plateau on that progress despite high levels of interest, and I scoured workbooks and basic readers and learn-to-read programs and not one of them was what our little family needed to encourage that growth again, nor did I really have the time available to be doing such consuming research. Through a friend with a veracious reader just a year older than mine, I heard about Anu’s classes.My kid tore through them and I had the guidance from Anu to finally be able to help! (She briefs the parents after each lesson.) Anu carefully curates the material so that it is constructive—each week a few more combos are introduced and build on each other. She’s able to tailor every class session to the specific needs and interests of the kids in each class. And what’s more, I am a professional communicator and I teach writing to adults; through helping my child with the work in Anu’s classes, I have discovered surprising gems about how our language works that even I didn’t know! It’s such a relief to know Anu’s students will get to start out with this knowledge.And a word about doing classes remotely: at first my kiddo was all over the place, as were all of the younger ones, but Anu adapted so quickly that I feel my child is actually prepared to start kindergarten fully online in just over a month this autumn! It’s F-U-N now to be online. Plus independent reading takes on a greater urgency because I am parenting completely solo during these times. Having my kid sit and pick up a book to read and be occupied for up to 20 minutes at a time is one of the most valuable lifesavers I’ve encountered on this journey. Doing so is not a luxury but a necessity in this house.
Mairead Roden
Mairead Roden
17:57 17 Feb 20
We signed our 8 year old daughter up for one of Anu's small reading groups when she was struggling with reading and comprehension. Our daughter was so nervous leading up to her first class, but Anu quickly put her at ease, welcoming her into a positive and supportive learning environment. Through the small group, we quickly saw our daughter's confidence in reading increase, which has had such an incredible impact on her attitude towards reading in general. It is no longer a struggle to get her to read; instead, it is an activity that she voluntarily opts into. Our family is so grateful to Anu and the important work that she does.
S Ja
S Ja
20:15 11 Feb 20
We have loved the small group tutoring with Anu. I have seen how the social aspect of a small group makes a huge difference with my child who truly loves to go to math tutoring! She went from struggling in school (and hating math) to keeping up, gaining confidence and passing all her math assessments. Anu is very warm and has been responsive to adjust the curriculum to match our child's unique needs. We are thankful to have found a great match here.
Juan Pinelli
Juan Pinelli
23:33 03 Feb 20
Anu did a great job preparing our daughter for middle-school math. After a tough 5th grade year with a somewhat disorganized curriculum, we knew our daughter needed to catch up. Anu helped review and strengthen the fundamentals, and once school started she used the provided math syllabus to prepare our daughter for each unit ahead of time. The results have been great, and restored confidence for our daughter. She knows now that she can be good at math! STEM is very important and I think that Anu has a patient and thoughtful teaching style that should work well with many kids, regardless of their age.
Jillian Plank
Jillian Plank
14:27 02 Jan 20
Our son attended Anu's group reading and math classes in the summer before he entered kindergarten. He is young for his class and, frankly, did not show interest in reading after leaving preschool. In just a few short months, our son caught up to an appropriate skill level and, more importantly, developed a genuine interest in sounding out words, picking up books and trying to read them, adding up numbers in his head, and asking us (constant!) questions about addition and subtraction. I highly recommend Anu's classes for kids that need some extra confidence in their learning or who want to stay ahead of their school curriculum.
Heidi Herb
Heidi Herb
18:58 02 Dec 19
In a very short time, my son gained so much enthusiasm and confidence in math, having spent years feeling left behind and unsupported in his school. He enjoys attending Anu's small group classes. His teacher commented in his recent conference that his math ability has "sky-rocketed" this year since we have been going to Kids With An Edge.
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Yelp Review for Reading: Brian C., father of 1st grader

I cannot begin to describe how happy we are that we found Anu Jain, or Ms. Anu as we call her at our house!

“My wife and I have had concerns about our daughters reading skill. Her teachers at school kept advising us that she was not reading at grade level and would likely finish the year behind. As parents, we first freaked out for a bit while we looked at all options, even private school. One day, while looking for solutions, I came across Kids with an Edge.

“We met with Anu and immediately knew we were in the right place. Anu is caring, compassionate, prepared, and above all highly qualified. She truly is a master of her craft and in just on month our daughter has gone from being unable to read a book alone, to begging to read by herself every night at bedtime. Now, our daughter is not just able to read, but is loving it too.

“Finding Anu has been a saving grace, and if your kid needs help, I would emphatically suggest meeting Anu before making a commitment to a corporate tutoring company, of which there are several in the area!

Google Review for Python Programming: Tim T., Information Technology Business Analyst, father of 6th Grader

My 7th grade son was interested in advancing his coding skills and experience, and after a significant amount of research settled on a Python I class with Kids With An Edge. I can’t convey how happy both he and I were with the experience! Kids With An Edge focused on small class sizes (there were only a total of 3 students in my son’s class) and an instructor that ensured that the students truly understood not just programming concepts, but also practical application of those concepts, before moving on. Each student in the class was able to receive individualized attention, which is something that is just not possible with the extremely large class sizes in the after school program run onsite at my son’s school by another (and in our estimation inferior) provider. To top it all off, Anu is extremely flexible and accommodating concerning input into potential class days and times. We are hoping to get enough students together to establish a Python II class at Kids With An Edge soon, because the alternatives just don’t provide the value for the money that we now expect to receive. Thank you, Anu!

Google Review for Math and Reading: M. Y., Airbnb Data Analyst, mother of a Kindergartener and 5th Grader

Our experience with Anu highlights her superb teaching skills. My two children have had a little bit of other tutoring experience, but Anu is the only tutor they have had where they both wanted to go back. My son was very excited about working with her after his first session and came back delighted to show us what he learned. My daughter has had a great experience in the Early Edge program and her learning has been exponential. I would highly recommend Anu for academic tutoring/enrichment.

Google Review for Math: Laura L. , mother of 1st grader

I am ever grateful to Ms. Anu of Kids With an Edge. She has a gift working with kids and my daughter adores and looks up to her. Ms. Anu is kind and patient and an excellent teacher/tutor. My daughter works with Ms. Anu in Math and Ms. Anu has a way of making all the sessions a fun and an enjoyable experience for the kids and it’s been the most pleasant experience we’ve had in my daughter’s education. My daughter feels excited about Math and loves seeing Ms. Anu each week. As a parent, I’m grateful for the time Ms. Anu spends updating the parents about progress and particular skills they are working on. I couldn’t be more thankful to Ms. Anu. She is truly wonderful!

Google Review for Early Reading and Math: Katy P. and Vivek, Global Health Consultant and Facebook Engineer, parents of twin Preschoolers

Our 5-yo twins have been doing reading tutoring with Anu for the last 2 months and we are so impressed with their progress! I was floored when at the end of their second class, they both read a mini book to me, correctly sounding out all the words. I had never seen them do anything like that bzefore. While they both showed signs of reading readiness and knew most of their letters, I had done no actual “teaching” of reading to them myself, we just read a lot of books together and I could tell they had a strong interest in learning more. They have now read several little books, each one getting progressively more difficult. The biggest sign of success for us is that these normally shy girls seem very empowered by the experience – they have been telling everyone that they are learning how to read and are really proud of themselves. They also adore Anu and constantly ask when the next reading class is. We’re hoping the confidence boost they are getting from this tutoring experience will help ease the big Kindergarten transition coming in September. Thank you, Anu!

Katy’s Christmas Card Update to Step 1 Kindergarten Math Class: “Thank you for all the amazing support you’ve given our daughters over the last several months. They adore coming to your classes and we love watching their progress.”

Vivek: “We tell everyone about you. We know it can really help their kids.”

Google Review for Early Reading: Olivia C., mother of Preschooler

“Over the past year, I’ve tried to teach my daughter to read using various methods including the popular “Teach your child to read in 100 days” and the numerous phonics methods out in the market. She also attends preschool twice a week and knows all her letters. We are a reading family, have plenty of books and do bedtime story every night. Yet despite our best efforts, our daughter was still unable to read on her own. Given she is entering Kindergarten this fall, I wanted to make sure she was able to read before she started so I enrolled her into the reading class at Kids with an edge 4 weeks ago. I was impressed when after just 4 lessons over 2 weeks, my daughter came home to start reading on her own. And this time it’s no longer “reading” based on pictures and guessing, but actually sounding out the words and reading them. It’s only been a month and she’s definitely reading consistently and accurately. Now I am sure she will be ready for Kindergarten and is able to start the school year feeling confident about herself and being able to follow the lessons in class. Thank you Anu for helping her to unlock her reading potential.”

Google Review for Middle School Math Camp: Tr G, Professional, mother of 8th Grader

“My rising 8th grader has spent the last 2 years struggling with math to the point he thinks it is just not something he will ever be able to learn. After his first day at Kids with an Edge however, he came home beaming with pride about how easy math really could be to learn – with the right teacher. I have been nothing short of impressed with Anu’s style, patience and ability to teach content and turn around my child’s confidence in himself. He started 8th grade today and is very excited about showing off his newfound skills in math class.”

Email follow-up: “We were at Salmon Bay’s Curriculum Night last night and spoke with [my son’s] math teacher as well as some of the support team there, both of whom said his change-to-positive-perspective on math has been really noticeable this year.  I mentioned how your tutoring support has been fundamental to that shift and suggested they add Kids with an Edge to their list of referrals for parents looking for math support.

So this email is to serve as an introduction of you to one of [my son’s] key support teachers, Ms. K.:
“Ms. K. – Anu is the teacher we mentioned last night; she is absolutely amazing with her ability to reach kids with math.”

Google Review for Early Reading: Mary Fenton, Writer, mother of Kindergartner

“Anu has been a fabulous resource for kick starting my now first grader’s reading. She’s patient, kind, and attentive to both kiddos and details, and she gave my son the confidence to enter first grade as a real reader! Kids With an Edge is great for kids struggling to read or as a supplement for those looking to stay on/ahead of the curve.

And there are lollipops, people. Lollipops. :)”

Google Review for Reading and Math: Allyson O., mother of 2nd grader

“In an effort to avoid the summer slide we decided to have our daughter work with Anu over the summer [in reading]. We are so happy with our decision and feel so grateful that she is now a part of our daughter’s life. Our 7 year old just entered the 2nd grade and we are currently meeting with Anu once a week to work on math. After the 1st meeting my daughter said “I’m coming back, it was so fun!” MATH IS FUN… you can’t get any better than that! Our daughter adores Anu. She makes learning fun and our daughter’s skills and confidence have soared right from the start. We are grateful for the wonderful learning and fun that happens during each visit. We look forward to having Anu as a partner in our daughter’s education for many years to come! Calculus will be here before we know it!!”

Email update to 2nd grade Math Class: “We are so thankful for all you are doing with our daughter. She was really proud of herself too. She said you “tested” her and you told her she did great! So great to see her feeling good about herself and her abilities!”

Google Review for Math and Reading: Heather L., Advisory Board Member for Government Affairs and mother of Kindergartner

“Teacher Anu is kind, patient, and her enthusiasm for her learning is contagious! I’ve watched my kindergartner grow her math and reading skills this year, largely because of her time with Teacher Anu. Anu is attentive and takes the time at the end of each lesson to walk me through the week’s subject matter, show me what my child is getting, what needs practice, and the method we should be using, for consistency. She is wonderful!”

Google Review for Math: ACM, Professional, mother of 4th Grader

“We really lucked out in finding Anu! Our daughter switched schools last year and we found out she was really behind in math, and her confidence was low/disliking anything to do with math.

Realizing how important a strong math foundation is, I researched tutoring/math programs. Anu allowed us to try a trial group class and conducted a mini-assessment of my daughter’s math skills.

Anu was kind, patient, and nurturing–making a stressful situation for both my daughter and me a more gentle transition to tutoring. My daughter felt really comfortable and was able to let her “math guard” down with Anu, where she could actually learn. Its been about a year since we’ve been doing classes with Anu and I’m proud to write my daughter smiles with confidence at her math abilities, and she is even in one of Anu’s group classes above her grade level!”

Google Review for Reading: Rebecca M., Writer and mother of 1st grader

“I brought my 1st grader to Teacher Anu when she was struggling with reading and she has thrived! Teacher Anu is kind, knowledgeable and most importantly patient with her students. I would highly recommend Kids with an Edge if your student needs an extra boost with their schoolwork.”

Google Review for Math and Reading: Tracey L., Pharmacist and mother of 1st grader

“When my son started 1st grade this year, his teacher called us in for a conference regarding his reading skills. She was concerned that he was not reading at a first grade level and was behind his peers. We decided to look for a tutor and luckily we found Kids With An Edge and Ms. Anu. She is great at teaching and making the lessons fun. My son loves going to his tutor sessions and in just a couple of months his teacher informed us he was on track with the other kids.

Ms. Anu worked hand in hand with our son’s teacher to ensure her assessments were consistent with our son’s performance in the tutoring sessions. She even asked for the assessment criteria our son’s school utilizes. Ms. Anu continues to go above and beyond to make sure our son is progressing toward our goals for him. My husband and I can’t thank her enough for the expertise and passion she brings to each and every session. Thank you Ms. Anu!”

Google Review for Math: Renee B., Veterinarian and mother of 7th grader

“Anu tutored my daughter in math when she was in 6th grade. We signed her up for a free after school math club for 7th grade. Halfway through, my daughter asked me if she could go back to Anu for extra support. My daughter is not one to ask for extra school work, especially in math. She was so excited to see Anu again and in her words, “1 hour with Ms. Anu feels like 15 minutes, she makes it so fun!”

Google Review for Early Reading: Kelly Y., Nurse and mother of Kindergartener

“Our 6 year old daughter has struggled with early reading (letters, phonetics, site words) for most of her Kindergarten year. This is despite me, her father and another friend working with her regularly. After 2 sessions with Ms. Jain, she returned home SO happy and proud that she could read! She mentioned at least two times, “Mama, I can read and I love reading!”. It brought tears to my eyes. She is such a fire! There is nothing like giving your children the gift of learning. We are so thankful to have found Ms. Jain.”

Google Review for Early Reading: Kelli C., mother of Preschooler

“Our daughter has an August birthday and was showing zero interest in letters so we were beginning to worry about her entering Kindergarten next fall. We decided to seek out a tutoring option and found Kids with an Edge. After only a few classes, our daughter turned a new leaf. She’s excited to learn her letters, she loves going to Anu’s class and she’s doing better than we had ever hoped. The small class size (4 kids) allows for excellent collaboration, participation and learning. Because of Anu’s class, we are not worried about her entering Kindergarten next fall. She may be one of the youngest kids but she will be well prepared thanks to Kids with an Edge.”

Google Review for Early Reading: Hope H., Child Development Psychologist and mother of Preschooler

“Our 4 year old will be one of the youngest in her class this fall when she starts Kindergarten. After coming from a play based preschool with an emphasis on social emotional learning rather than academics, we wanted to give her a little boost of confidence around phonetics and reading with tutoring sessions with Anu. We were hoping that she would be able to differentiate between her upper and lower case letters as wells as master their sounds. Anu’s tutoring sessions have far exceeded our goals. Our daughter is sounding out words, putting them together and reading! Anu has a wonderful way with children. Our daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week. She loves to practice her phonetics and is proud of her skills. We highly recommend Anu and are so grateful to have found her.”

Google Review for Math: Sam B., 777 Pilot and father of 7th grader

“My 6th grade daughter was having difficulty keeping up in school, most especially in her math class. This led to a lack in confidence and feelings of discouragement. There was a radical change after her math tutoring with Anu, having one to two sessions weekly during the school year and over the summer. Since starting 7th grade, math has now become her favorite subject! She is achieving better grades and keeping up just fine. This has led to a feeling of confidence and a positive feedback loop, improving her performance in her other classes as well! She enjoys her sessions with Anu, and I appreciate Anu’s teaching ability and sincere efforts in helping my daughter.”

Google Review for Math and English: Jeanne D., mother of 3rd grader

“I appreciated Ms. Jain’s encouragement and support. Our son enjoyed her and wanted to do well. I hope we will be visiting again.” – relocated out of town

Google Review for Reading: Naeem D., Scientist and father of 3rd grader

“We are very pleased with Anu’s tutoring skills. She is an extremely gifted teacher, very patient and effective. She is able to identify the areas that need support and provide the best resources and practice to help kids succeed. Our son has progressed tremendously in the few weeks he’s been with her. We are very impressed and grateful!”

End of the year follow-up from email by mother: “Thanks again for all your help. [He] wouldn’t have gotten to level O [meeting standard for grade level] so quickly without your help. You are a fantastic tutor!!

Google Review for Math for HCC bound child: Yungin R., Professor and mother of Kindergartener

“We were looking for ways to provide my then 5-year old daughter with more challenges outside of her classroom and are very happy that we found Anu! She knows how to entertain and challenge a kid, and uses customized materials to keep my daughter engaged during the session. Thanks so much for all you do!”

Google Review for Math: Marc T., Senior Copywriter and Consultant for a global cloud services provider and father of 6th grader

“My son Henry has had difficulty in math as long as I can remember. As he’s headed into middle school this coming school year, his mother and I decided that we would try to find a tutor who can help him not only understand basic concepts but also overcome his feeling that he’s
“just not good at math”. After only a few months of working with Anu Jain, he has made serious progress in catching up on the fundamentals and now doesn’t complain about doing his math homework.

“Henry has been able to more readily memorize multiplication tables, understand fractions, read large numbers into the millions, and much more. While he still has a long way to go in terms of catching up to other kids his age, we feel confident that Anu’s tutoring has made
– and will continue to make – a dramatic difference in his educational endeavors. All in all, Anu has been a kind, accommodating, and very effective teacher!”

Google Review: Shelly Kamran, former Math student

“Anu Jain of Kids with an Edge taught me calculus in high school and it is a huge testament to how strong my math skills are today. I am literally in spreadsheets most of the day and the foundation I got from Anu (who runs Kids with an Edge Tutoring program) was instrumental in my success with how fluid I am with numbers today. The school’s teaching style really helps young people become more confident with challenging homework, obtaining stronger math skills, and being able to tackle challenges in the classroom. I highly recommend the tutoring here!”

Math Camps – Hear it from them!

6th Grade Camp– when we asked them what they thought, being a bit shy, they decided they wanted to write it out first…

Algebra Camp

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

—William B Yeats