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    Because Your Child Deserves the Best

    "The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." -B.B. King

    Ages 4-18    Now Online!

  • kidswithanedge

    Personalized Instruction for Powerful Results

    "The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out." -Bill Gates, Sr.

    Ages 4-18    Now Online!

  • kidswithanedge

    Your Child's Path to Success

    “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I'll understand. Step back and I will act." -Old Chinese Proverb

    Ages 4-18    Now Online!

Our Story

I founded Kids With an Edge to be a warm and friendly tutoring center with a personal touch. As a mother of three, I know each child is unique and has so much potential.  My mission is to team with you in helping you meet your goals for your child.  I know firsthand that successful learning is as much about your child enjoying the journey and believing  “they can” as it is about providing them with a strong foundation and the customized tools to succeed.


The Early Edge: Ages 4-7

Is your child is ready for more? Does your child want to read “all by myself”? Do they ask questions involving numeracy, shape and time concepts? Our highly interactive math and reading classes are specially designed for your hungry little learner.  Allow your child to explore their potential in a fun and nurturing environment.   Make sure your little one enters kindergarten with the confidence they need and deserve! Children who start strong, stay strong.

The Math Edge

Strong FUNdamentals! Math builds on itself year after year. A strong foundation is one of the most important gifts you can ever give to your child. Math is NOT magic. Truly understanding the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ of math is what will build your child’s confidence.  In our program, math will become a powerful tool that they will enjoy effectively and creatively utilizing in every aspect of their lives – opening the door to an unlimited tomorrow.

The Customized Edge: 1:1

Ages 4-18. Math, Reading, Science, and Coding.  We team with you/your school to provide customized support to help you meet your goals for your child. Highly interactive sessions designed to build skills and confidence while enjoying the journey. Experienced with various types of curriculum including HCC/honors. Help your child get ahead, keep up the good work and/or fill in the gaps.

The Summer Edge

Camps and flexible classes in math, reading and tech. Summer is a great time to pick up knew skills like computer programming. It is also the ideal time to take a break from the school year rush and invest in preparing your child for the coming fall so that they walk into school in September with confidence and an ability/eagerness to excel.  Start strong to stay strong!

The Tech Edge

Technology is shaping our lives today. Kids around the world are learning how to code at an earlier age. Computer programming enhances your child’s ability to analyze the world around them, think logically and apply their skills to develop amazing apps, games and websites! Parents were tired of the haphazard instruction their children kept encountering in traditional after school classes. We created our classes to meet your demand for a systematic and effective approach to teaching coding by building a solid foundation.

Something for Everyone

We can help your child:

      -Fill in the gaps

      -Keep up in school

      -Get ahead

      -Prevent the “summer slide”


Flexible Formats:

      -Small Group



      -In Person


Familiar with various curriculums, including HCC/honors.

Uniquely Effective Instruction

Kids are social by nature, and enjoy our highly interactive sessions. We are able to learn your child’s thought patterns and make sure they truly understand the “why”, “what” and “how”. We believe that quietly working away on worksheets can always be done at home…


Drop-in centers may seem convenient, but having different tutors can be inefficient and confusing. Our dedicated instructor really understands your child’s learning style/personality and your child knows their instructor genuinely cares. So many parents have told us that their child sees their instructor as a mentor and a role model!

Don’t Just Take Our Word

  • Our family considers Ms. Anu Jain, founder of Kids With An Edge, a godsend for our 6th grader! What strikes me most about Ms. Jain is her genuine concern to help her students truly succeed. She has vast experience with children of all ages and capacities. She turns even the most emotional, stormy, uncooperative, pre-teen into a willing and eager learner in minutes… we are grateful everyday to have found her! Ms. Jain has a special gift of teaching and she is using her gift to change lives.

    Julie B., Mother of a 6th grader
  • Anu is caring, compassionate, prepared, and above all highly qualified. She truly is a master of her craft and in just one month our daughter has gone from being unable to read a book alone, to begging to read by herself every night at bedtime. Now, our daughter is not just able to read, but is loving it too.

    Brian C., Father of a 1st Grader
  • “Our 6 year old daughter has struggled with early reading (letters, phonetics, site words) for most of her Kindergarten year. This is despite me, her father and another friend working with her regularly. After 2 sessions with Ms. Jain, she returned home SO happy and proud that she could read! She mentioned at least two times, “Mama, I can read and I love reading!”. It brought tears to my eyes. She is such a fire! There is nothing like giving your children the gift of learning. We are so thankful to have found Ms. Jain.”

    Kelly Y., Mother of Kindergartner