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Fall 2018 Tuition and Schedule

For Preschoolers to First Grade, please refer to our Early Learning pages.

We run classes for Elementary and Middle School Math as well as Algebra 1. Our small groups are limited to 2-4 students. Please contact us for details on space available in groups that are already running. If we do not already offer something that works for you, bring some friends and propose a small group!

Tuition per child
  1 Hour/Week*

*55 minute session; 4 weeks/month; we may place upto 4 students in any group

We ask that students bring in their school curriculum to our sessions so that we may customize our materials/approach to meet their needs. If school material is not available, we can recommend the purchase of appropriate materials. We also use supporting materials and manipulatives in the classroom to enhance a child’s grasp of concepts. We work very hard behind the scenes as well as during sessions to create and customize our curriculum/approach based on the students’ specific needs. 

During the elementary school years we focus a lot on numeracy. Mental manipulations of numbers are imperative for speed and confidence throughout their school years and beyond. From the very beginning, we teach them techniques so that they no longer need to rely on their fingers. We have even taught our first graders to add 9+6 or subtract 15-7 mentally. We send our elementary school children home with carefully thought out homework sheets to continue practicing important skills throughout the week.

There is an annual school year customized curriculum support fee of $150 for all elementary school curriculum and $50 for middle school and above. The summer curriculum support fee is $30 for all students.

We believe in keeping parents informed and working as a team to optimize each child’s learning. We ask that parent’s come in five minutes before class ends so that we may discuss how they can best support their child at home.

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