Fall 2019 Tuition and Schedule

We run math classes for Elementary and Middle School Math as well as Algebra 1. For Preschoolers, Kindergartners and First Graders, please refer to our Early Learning pages.

We have repeatedly found that small groups can actually be more effective than 1:1. In small groups of 2-4 :

  • Children are automatically motivated to focus so that they can actively participate.
  • They also want to do their homework because they know that their friends will do theirs.
  • They genuinely enjoy the sessions and learn even more from each other’s questions/insights/mistakes.
  • Gain more confidence when they realized that everyone experiences times of confusion
  • And you never have to hear, “Why am I the only one going to tutoring?”

If you are a new student, please request to attend a complimentary class for one of our existing small groups!

Drop-in centers may seem convenient on the surface, but having a different tutor for each session can actually be inefficient and even confusing for your child. Also, the attention your child receives is very divided because all the children around them are studying different subjects/levels.

At Kids With an Edge, your child will be placed in a small group where all the children are studying the same topic and your child will have a consistent instructor who will be able to really understand your child’s unique learning style and help them to grow from session to session. Our instructors genuinely care for and believe in your child. So many parents have told us that their child sees their instructor as a mentor and a role model.

See what our parents are saying.

Our sessions are highly interactive and effective – no sitting quietly answering worksheets. Kids can do that at home…

We know that your child:

  • needs a systematic approach where new concepts are introduced as an extension of what they already know.
  • needs customized curriculum to fill in any gaps
  • needs to not only be able to arrive at the correct answer but also needs us to make sure their thought processes/methodologies are “correct”/the most efficient.
  • needs to feel like they can ask any question they want at any time.
  • needs to learn how to show their work on paper to avoid “careless” errors.
  • needs carefully crafted homework that uses their time effectively.
  • needs appropriate repetition for previous concepts.
  • needs consistency with an instructor who truly cares and believes in them.
  • needs their parents, teachers and instructor to work as a team to help them reach their full potential. We can coordinate with a child’s teacher and we make sure to keep parents informed on how they can support their child at home.
  • needs to feel confident every step of the way and to enjoy the journey!

Tuition per Student – Small Group (2 – 4 Students)

Elementary School Math, Middle School Math, Algebra 1

1 Session/week

*55 minute session; 4 weeks/month; we may place up to 4 students in any group; all payments are non-refundable

Please contact us for details on space available in groups that are already running. If we do not already offer something that works for you, bring some friends and propose a small group!

Students are welcome to bring in their school curriculum to our sessions so that we may further customize our materials/approach to meet their specific needs. There is an annual school year customized curriculum support fee of $150 for elementary school classes and $99 for middle school and above. The summer curriculum support fee is $30. All tuition payments and fees are non-refundable.

During the elementary school years, we focus a lot on numeracy and find that each group of children requires a uniquely customized approach and materials to meet them where they are at. Mental manipulations of numbers are imperative for speed and confidence throughout the school years and beyond. From the very beginning, we teach your child techniques so that they no longer need to rely on their fingers. Even our preschoolers add or subtract 1 and 2 mentally. And we teach our first graders to add 9+6 or subtract 15-7 without the use of fingers. Drilling basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts is essential to speed and accuracy in all future calculations. Understanding fractions is another big area of focus. In fact, we start introducing fractions in our Intro to math and our First Graders can adeptly compare fractions with different denominators! Based on grade level, we also focus on telling time, subtraction across zeroes, long division/multiplication, story problems, etc.

Middle school is the last step before high school. It is here that your child really forms their identity and lasting impressions regarding math and this is also where they establish their foundation for the faster paced high school math classes. What your child achieves in middle school and how they feel about it, will impact the courses they take in high school and actually ultimately shape their career choices. It is imperative to give your child the skill set and confidence they need so that they don’t inadvertently limit their future opportunities. A strong foundation today … a limitless tomorrow!

Summer 2020

Summer classes allow a lot of flexibility and tuition can be pro-rated for pre-scheduled vacation plans before you make your summer payment.

Classes will start after school lets out and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Classes are very small and limited to only 2-5 students, with various students being out on vacation at different times through out the summer. Please ensure your spot today!

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