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    The Early Edge: Philosophy


    The Early Edge is a unique and powerful early learning program for preschoolers and kindergarteners (ages 4-6). Parents can use the program to supplement a traditional Seattle preschool program. The Early Edge runs from September to June and parents may continue enrollment on a monthly basis.

    When my children were young, I made the decision to homeschool them by running a program for preschoolers. Since I was personally invested in the children’s education, I devised a curriculum that had the children in the program reading at a first grade level before the end of the year. Also, the children were actually able to add, subtract and understand simple fractions. They were even confidently hand-writing their own answers.  

    I believe that everything can be taught through fun and games. In my program, children learn while chugging around picking up different numbers of passengers. They learn by drawing “Mama A” and connecting her with “Baby a”. A child responds extremely well to interactive learning and thrives on positive feedback and encouragement.

    Experiencing learning for the first time in a large classroom atmosphere can be daunting. A child needs that gentle personal attention during these formative years in order to realize their full potential. We want them to walk into their first day of elementary school full of confidence.

    I believe very strongly in parental support. I regularly give parents detailed feedback and together we are able to create confident students with a lifelong love of learning.

    “The first five years have so much to do with how the remaining 80 turn out.”  – Bill Gates, Sr., in reference to education

    The children don’t feel pressured; they feel empowered. The world comes alive to them in a new way. They can read a STOP sign, they know where to EXIT from, and books become interesting stories instead of a collection of pictures.

    So many parents concentrate solely on reading. Why? A child is just as capable of understanding numbers. Words are letters arranged in a pattern. Math is numbers dictated by patterns. Here is an interesting article from the Seattle Times: It’s just math: Preschoolers can do more than we might think.

    Children have so much potential. By providing them with the opportunity to learn, we are giving them a chance to set their own boundaries and allowing them to have an Edge!


    “Your program is brilliant!” -Mother of Brandon A
    “I have tried other programs that make a lot of claims but nothing compares to what you offer. And I love how you give us such detailed feedback on Bradley’s progress.” -Mother of Bradley H.
    “Ha-eun barely spoke any English, but yet you taught her how to read so well that she qualified for the Spectrum Honors Program!” -Father of Ha-eun K.
    “We chose to have Nandini attend your program instead of a regular Preschool class and then we enrolled her straight into the 1st grade.” -Father of Nandini J.