Kids With An Edge General Policies, Terms and Agreements

Returned Check:

If your check bounces, you must pay a fee of $50 along with the tuition before your child’s spot will be reserved or continue to be reserved.

Tuition, Fees, Payments:

All tuition, fees and payments are non-refundable.

Late Pick-Ups are Subject to be Charged:

Late pick up fee may be pro-rated based on session fees and may be deducted from tuition already paid.

Class Cancellation:

If a class is cancelled all together, you will be notified prior to your class start time and will be issued a full refund.  If class is cancelled for any particular day, you will be credited the amount to be used for your next class the following week.

Missed Classes/Tutoring Sessions:

We apologize, but due to the complicated logistics of multiple students, we can not offer credit for group classes your child is unable to attend. We will gladly work with you to provide your child with any resources they may have missed due to their absence.  1:1 tutoring sessions may be rescheduled in accordance with current center policies – please inquire for further details.

Medical Release:

If a student has to withdraw due to medical reasons, a refund in the form of credit towards future classes/sessions will be issued. You will be charged for all classes until Kids With an Edge is formally notified of medical circumstances with a valid doctor’s note.

Nut Free Classroom:

Nut allergies can be life threatening. Out of respect for the needs of all the children, please do not allow/send any item containing nuts with your child.

Right to Refuse Service:

If we feel for any reason whatsoever that we cannot accommodate your child, we retain the right to refuse service.

Termination of Services:

If we feel for any reason that we can no longer accommodate your child, we retain the right to terminate future services.

Inappropriate, disruptive, and/or violent behavior will not be tolerated. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to: fighting, name calling, foul language, arguing, bullying, leaving the group, or possessing weapons. Minor behavior problems will be addressed by the teacher. If behavior issues persist, parents or guardians will be contacted to work towards a resolution. If a student’s behavior continues to disrupt the class or endangers the physical or emotional safety of themselves or others, we reserve the right to cancel that individual’s class for a day or more with no refund.

Dress Code:

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and in a manner respecting the sentiments of others.

Model Release:

  1. I hereby authorize Kids With An Edge and its owners to publish photographs/videos/audio taken of me, and or my child for use in Kids With An Edge printed publications, promotions and website. 2. I acknowledge that since my participation in publications and websites produced/owned by Kids With an Edge and its owners is voluntary, I will receive no financial compensation. 3. I further agree that my participation in any publication and website produced/owned by Kids With an Edge and its owners confers upon me no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release Kids With an Edge and its owners from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.

Release of Liability and Hold Harmless:

I agree to allow my child to participate in classes taught/overseen by the staff of Kids With An Edge and hereby release Kids With An Edge and its owners from liability for any injury I/my child may suffer as a result of their participation in classes.

I acknowledge the inherent risks that may result from my child’s participation in classes or session led/overseen by Kids With An Edge and its staff/owners, including falls, fractures, contraction of infectious diseases, misbehavior of other children, etc., all of which may result in injury or death to my child or damage to his/her/our property. I expressly assume these risks and any associated costs, damages or losses, including those caused by simple negligence of Kids With An Edge and its staff/owners, and waive and fully release all claims held by me, my spouse, my child, or any of our estates from and against Kids With An Edge and its staff/owners, arising from my child’s attendance and participation in classes/sessions and accept full responsibility for the cost of all medical treatment to my child as a result of any injuries caused by or through such other risks.

This waiver and release will apply to all actions, causes, damages, claims, or demands of every kind, whether known or unknown, arising out of or otherwise incidental to participation in the program.

Permission to Treat:

My child is in good physical and mental health with no special health considerations. In case of emergency, I grant permission to Kids With An Edge and its staff/owners to call 911, hospitalize, secure treatment for and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for my child.

Subject to Change:

Policies, terms, agreements and contents of and related to this page are subject to change without notice.

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