• email: info@KidsWithAnEdge.com | (360) 209-3135 
    Located in North Seattle
  • email: info@KidsWithAnEdge.com | (360) 209-3135 
    Located in North Seattle
  • Hi!

    I started Kids With An Edge to help each child become a lifelong learner through Math and Reading tutoring options. I am excited to announce the grand opening, in September 2018, of The Kids With An Edge Preschool!

    If you are like me, you have invested countless hours researching programs in Seattle to supplement your child’s education, only to discover that there are very few, if any, that actively recognize your child’s needs and help maximize their true potential.

    At Kids With An Edge, we aim to do just that. We also know that children are social creatures and need to be able to share their unique observations; not just quietly learn from their seats. We provide a highly interactive and supportive atmosphere where we guide the children into discovering new concepts as an extension of what they have already learned. The children develop a strong foundation, confidence, and an inquisitive love of learning. They not only learn “what?” algorithm to use, but “why?” the algorithm works and “how?” to systematically show their work on paper to avoid errors.  

    “Tell me and I’ll forget;
    show me and I may remember;
    involve me and I’ll understand.”
    – Chinese Proverb


    We believe that each child, at any age, has tremendous potential.  The key is to provide them with the right opportunities, so that they never feel pressured,  but rather, they feel empowered. Our children spend the majority of each day at school and when they feel successful in that environment, they grow up with confidence. We need to help our children establish a pattern of success by not only providing them with help when it is absolutely required, but by actually anticipating their needs beforehand.

    Through Kids With An Edge, it is my goal to provide a service in which parents will feel good about investing their valuable time and resources.

    “The beautiful thing about learning is
    nobody can take it away from you.”
    – BB King


    We want to help break the stereotypes.  Math is not hard.  Girls can become engineers. 

    Who am I? Once upon a time, my greatest credentials were that I was the University of Washington’s Woman Engineer of the Year and that I served a term as Miss India Washington and as a Seattle Seafair Princess.

    But then, God blessed me with children and just like most parents, the entire focus of my life changed. In order to be with my children, I started a preschool program where I developed a curriculum/approach that focused on the child as a whole (a happy heart, a healthy body, and a strong mind). Later, I also owned and operated a tutoring center. Helping children to succeed—my children and those who came to me —became my mission in life. My son and one daughter tested into the Highly Capable Cohort and another daughter bravely navigates the world despite her special needs.

    One thing I have come to firmly believe in over the years is that learning can and should be made fun.  The more they laugh, the more they love learning!  Kids With An Edge is my pledge to do for yours as I did for my own.  


    Anu Jain
    Mother, Educator, Engineer, Founder of Kids With An Edge

    P.S. Spring 2017 Update: My daughter, a high school senior, has been a awarded a National Merit Scholarship and was just Directly Admitted into the University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering Program straight out of high school. She will be attending the UW as an Honors student in the Fall and has been accepted to research in the UbiComp Lab at the UW over the summer. She has also been admitted into the exclusive “by invitation only” Google CodeU program and hopes to visit Google headquarters in CA this August! We are so thankful to God for his many blessings and guidance over the past four years.