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Registration and More…


An annual registration fee of $65 per student covers center usage from September to September.  For summer only students, there is a registration fee of $25.

Please register online.

Advance Notice for Small Groups

In order to make such small groups feasible, we ask for a one month notice before withdrawing from a small group (September – June).

There will be a  100% refundable deposit requested at the time of registration which will be returned to you in the form of a discount on your last tuition payment for the small group from which you are withdrawing (September – June).

We ask for an email notice when withdrawing your child from any class. The notice must be delivered before your last tuition payment is due and that will make the refund applicable to the tuition payment for your last four classes.  Your refundable deposit can only be returned to you in the form of a “discount” on your last tuition payment.

Failure to give email notice before your last tuition payment will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Lesson Rescheduling Policy

Our summer policies reflect our firm belief that though summer is an ideal opportunity to support learning, it is also a fun family time!

School Year

For the convenience of our families, the center follows the schedule for most major holidays/longer breaks observed by SPS during the school year. During these breaks, tutoring is flexible according to each family’s plans.

Group Lessons

Due to the complicated logistics when multiple students are involved, group sessions of 2 or more may not be cancelled/rescheduled by students. The only exception may be if all the students in the group are siblings residing in the same household.


During the school year, we specially schedule a time just for your child. If you need to reschedule, please give us at least 24 hours advance notice via email. We appreciate as much advanced notice as possible so that we may make the cancelled session time available to other students. Lessons missed without the notice cannot be rescheduled and will be charged at the regular rate.

Make up lessons may only be scheduled within the 4 weeks following the missed lesson. Rescheduled sessions will be at a time other than your regularly scheduled sessions and based on tutor availability. Regular sessions/payments continue as initially scheduled.


Summer scheduling definitely allows plenty of flexibility for sunny adventures.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons may not be cancelled by group members. However, it has been possible in the past to reschedule a group lesson during the summer when the parents in the small group come to a consensus amongst themselves and let the instructor know at least 24 hours in advance.


During the summer, students can have schedules that vary from week to week. Parents often give us a schedule of their vacations and availability up front and then we are able to accommodate their needs.

We understand that everyone needs a vacation and we don’t want parents to be concerned about making up missed sessions due to family vacations. For 1:1 sessions, we just push the schedule forward for excused sessions and credit your tuition accordingly.

We very much appreciate as much advance notice as possible, so we can schedule other students during those times. However, we do require a minimum 24 hours advance notice via email for a missed lesson to be excused, otherwise it will charged at the regular rate.

Center Closure for Holidays

Recognizing the importance of fun family time, Kids With An Edge will be closed for certain holidays and breaks in accordance with the Seattle Public School’s schedule. Please inquire for details. All tuition payments will be adjusted accordingly.

General Policies/Terms/Agreements

General policies/terms/agreements.S

All policies, terms, agreements and contents of and related to this page are subject to change without notice.

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