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    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
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  • email: [email protected] | (360) 209-3135 
    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
    Located in North Seattle
  • Computer Programming for Kids


    Why Code?

    Technology is shaping our lives today. Phones to laptops and toothbrushes to refrigerators, ALL run because someone wrote some code!

    Kids around the world are learning how to code at an earlier age. Technology is our future. The sooner we expose our children to it, the more comfortable and natural it is for them.

    Coding enhances a child’s ability to analyze the world around them, think logically and apply their skills to develop amazing Games, Websites, Phone Apps, Web Apps, Hardware Apps and Systems! Our kids need to be challenged and frankly, coding is just so much fun!

    Coding empowers children and gives them confidence to be creative and solve real world problems.


    A note from our founder:
    “Technology is so prevalent everywhere and I firmly believe it is important that our children be comfortable with it. Whether or not they want to pursue computers as a career, they should not be completely dependent on others when it comes to creating a website or writing a small program. As you know, technology interfaces with every field imaginable and understanding it will give our kids a big edge.
    In the past, my husband and I have looked long and hard for systematically taught programming classes geared towards kids that teach them real world coding skills.
    All the after school classes we came across haphazardly combined children at different levels of learning and provided no organized systematic approach. Generally, there was very little or no dedicated instruction time in those courses. With so many kids at different levels, kids were often left to “discover” concepts for themselves under the guise of “creativity”.
    But programming requires using a new language and that requires methodical instruction and a systematic build up of logic patterns. Both, instruction and carefully designed projects for application, are equally necessary.  Only then can a child truly have the tools to be creative.
    We were actually never able to find any classes for kids that met our child’s needs and had to resort to alternate modes of instruction. I have talked to so many discerning parents that have felt the same way.
    Since then, my son created my Kids With an Edge website when he was in 6th grade and he created the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School PTSA website as a 7th grader. He loves to program and our Kids With an Edge robotics team won best design award at the FLL competition!
    I know for a fact that kids have so much potential and are very capable of learning and enjoying technology.  It is my goal to give them every opportunity to explore that potential and further their interests.” 
    Kids With an Edge offers computer classes that are designed to fill the need for thoughtfully planned instruction for kids. We are committed to offering classes that will set a solid foundation that will enable your child to grow as a coder.  At the same time, the classes are created to provide a fun environment and foster a child’s fascination and confidence with technology.
    Our classes are planned/taught by industry professionals who have first hand experience and really know what skills a child needs in order be successful in the long run.
    Children already have the creativity … Our classes are designed to give them the tools they need to bring their imagination to life.

    Who can learn coding?


    Well taught Scratch classes are a great introduction to programming in the early elementary years.

    By the time are kids in middle school or above they are ready for so much more. The perfect age to start ‘real’ coding (using a professional coding language) is in middle school.

    About the Instructor

    The Instructor is highly qualified with current industry experience. We are privileged to have such a knowledgable and gifted instructor who also genuinely enjoys teaching and has taught at the school level as well as the college level.


    Course Offerings


    Fall Offerings


    Python Level 1

    Knowledge Pre-requisite: None

    Who: Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers

    What: Small Classes Sizes; Individualized Attention;  Class Description

    Saturdays, 10 AM -12 PM, Oct 6 – Nov 10 (6 sessions)

    Tuition: $450


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