The Tech Edge for All Ages

Why Code?

Technology is shaping our lives today. Phones to laptops and toothbrushes to refrigerators, all run because someone wrote some code!

Kids around the world are learning how to code at an earlier age. Technology is our future. The sooner we expose our children to it, the more comfortable and natural it is for them.

Coding enhances a child’s ability to analyze the world around them, think logically and apply their skills to develop amazing Games, Websites, and  Apps for the Phone/Web.

Our kids need to be challenged. And frankly, coding is just so much fun! Coding empowers children and gives them the confidence to be creative and solve real world problems.

Why Choose Kids With An Edge?

My 7th grade son was interested in advancing his coding skills and experience, and after a significant amount of research settled on a Python I class with Kids With An Edge. I cannot convey how happy both he and I were with the experience! Kids With An Edge focused on small class sizes (there were only a total of 3 students in the class) and an instructor that ensured that the students truly understood not just programming concepts, but also practical application of those concepts, before moving on. Each student in the class was able to receive individualized attention, which is something that is just not possible with the extremely large class sizes in the after school program run onsite at my son’s school by another (and in our estimation inferior) provider. To top it all off, Anu is extremely flexible and accommodating concerning input into potential class days and times. We are hoping to get enough students together to establish a Python II class at Kids With An Edge soon, because the alternatives just do not provide the value for the money that we now expect to receive. Thank you, Anu!

—Google Review: T Taylor, IT Business Analyst

A note from our founder: “Whether or not our kids want to pursue computers as a career, they should not be completely dependent on others when it comes to creating a website or writing a small program. Technology interfaces with every field imaginable and understanding it will give our kids a big edge.

If we want our children to be confident and comfortable with technology, we need to provide them with the correct tools at an early age.

In the past, when my husband and I were looking for computer classes for our children, we were not able to find anything that met their needs. I have spoken with so many discerning parents that have felt the same way.

All the classes we came across haphazardly combined children at different skill levels and provided no organized systematic approach. Kids were often left to “discover” concepts for themselves under the guise of “creativity”.

But programming requires using a new language and that requires methodical instruction with plenty of opportunity to ask individual questions. Carefully designed projects applying the newly acquired knowledge are also necessary. Only then can a child truly have the tools to be creative.

I know firsthand that kids have tremendous potential and are very capable of learning and enjoying technology. Through the Tech Edge, it is my goal to give them every opportunity to explore that potential and develop confidence and a solid foundation as a coder with real world skills—using professional tools that are used all over the world, including by NASA!”

Who can learn coding?


Well taught Scratch classes are a great introduction to programming in the early elementary years.

However, by the time our kids are in middle school/high school they are ready for so much more. The perfect age to start ‘real’ coding (using a professional coding language like Python) is in middle school.

About the Instructors

Our instructors have a passion for technology and for teaching. They enjoy the power of technology in their own lives and their enthusiasm is contagious!

They really know what skills your child needs in order be successful in the long run and it is their goal to not only help your child enjoy the class today, but also to lay the foundation for a successful tomorrow.

My son learned so much more in your classes than any other coding class he has taken. He pointed out that the instructor ensured that the students understood what they were doing before moving on. He really liked that.

—Google Review: Marisa T


Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.

—Old Chinese Proverb