The Early Edge - Tuition

Our Early Learning program (ages 4 and up) is very unique and effective. We do not use a boxed curriculum. The curriculum we use is very adaptable to children’s individual needs and has been thoughtfully created to empower a young child with knowledge and a love of learning.

Our very small group format is the optimal environment for young learners. Children are very social. They enjoy each other’s company and are motivated by their peers. Small groups are very conducive to the use of games and other methods in accordance with our play with a purpose philosophy.

All young learners require a very specialized, dynamic and creative session. Our goal is that children should leave our sessions feeling empowered, confident and happy.

We offer:

  • Group Classes – highly interactive, effective, and FUN!
  • 1:1 – often used as a springboard to prepare a student to join an existing group class

Early Edge Group Classes for Preschool – First Grade


50-minute highly interactive instruction followed by parent update.

Classes meet once a week.

Very small groups of 4 children – reserve your spot today!

Math and Reading are separate classes. However, parents often simultaneously enroll their child in a math class and a reading class.

Following each session, we will:

  • Meet with parents to share the exact techniques and terminology we used during the session. We are always available to answer any questions.
  • Provide carefully considered practice material. We do not require very much additional homework. However, so that your child can fully enjoy this new adventure in learning, it is very important that you follow the instructor’s recommendations. For example, for our beginning reading classes, we often just ask that you review class material/practice the given reading book. As the children advance, they will be given additional resources to enhance their practice time at home.

  • Carefully take the time to prep for the next customized session based on your child’s needs. We not only actively dedicate ourselves during the session times with the students, but we spend much additional time planning ahead and preparing the perfect resources to meet your child’s unique needs, interests and style of learning.


Group classes run weekly and the content builds on itself. The math classes are designed to run through the year in preparation for the next level. How long a particular reading level runs depends on the students’ comfort level with the content. Each reading level continues for a few months and a child can seamlessly transition into the next level of reading classes on a continuum.

Our Advantage

  • Highly Interactive and Fun Classes
    • Uniquely Effective Curriculum Designed by Kids With An Edge
    • Carefully Considered Weekly Practice Materials
    • Customized Every Week for Your Child
    • Designed to Build Confidences
  • Consistent and Caring Instructor Who Understands your child’s unique personality and learning style. Drop-in centers may seem convenient on the surface, but having different instructors can be confusing and inefficient for your child. And being surrounded by different kids studying different subjects/levels can also be overwhelming. At Kids With an Edge, your child will enjoy learning with an instructor they trust and in the company of their new friends who are on the same learning adventure as them!
  • Parental Support Every Step of the Way
  • Seamlessly Transition Between Classes
  • Tried, Tested and True! Read what parents are saying on Google!

Customized Curriculum Support

  • Materials/worksheets, carefully customized each week for your child in order to –
    • Maximize their potential
    • Keep them engaged
    • Fill in any gaps
    • Regularly review important concepts
  • Our lending library
  • Manipulatives/customized tools/games used to enhance your child’s learning experience during the sessions
  • Verbal/written progress reports, as needed
  • Individualized instruction for parents on how to support their child’s learning style and needs at home
  • Communication with school teachers, as needed

Tutoring Rates* – Fall 2020

Teaching early learners requires a very specialized/creative approach and a true passion for helping little ones discover their love for learning.

Group Classes

Tuition: $250/ month (4 sessions)

School Year Registration: $79
School Year Customized Curriculum: $129

Students may seamlessly transition between levels as they progress during the school year (September to June) with NO additional fees.


We recommend small group classes as the optimal learning environment for early learning, however, 1:1 are great for extra support or to help children pick up initial skills necessary to transition into a group class.

50-minute sessions: $350/ month (4 sessions)
30-minute sessions: $180/ month (4 sessions)

School Year Registration: $79
School Year Customized Curriculum: $149

Students may seamlessly transition between levels as they progress during the school year (September to June) with NO additional fees.

* Tuition/fees are nonrefundable. All rates are subject to change without notice.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

—Benjamin Franklin