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    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
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  • email: [email protected] | (360) 209-3135 
    9536 Densmore Ave N, Seattle WA
    Located in North Seattle
  • Fall 2018 Tuition and Schedule


    Our Early Learning program (ages 4 and up) is very unique and effective. We do not use a boxed curriculum. The curriculum we use is very adaptable to children’s individual needs and has been thoughtfully created to empower a young child with knowledge and a love of learning. 

    All young learners require a very specialized, dynamic and creative session.  Our goal is that children should leave our sessions feeling empowered, confident and happy.

    Early Edge Group Classes for Preschool – First Grade

    The classes that we are currently offering for enrollment are:

    • Reading, Steps 1-4
    • Intro to Math
    • First Grade Math

    Children are very social. They enjoy each other’s company and are motivated by their peers. Small groups are very conducive to the use of games and other methods in accordance with our play with a purpose philosophy. We strongly recommend our small group classes as an ideal model for early learning.

    We may have a class running that suits your needs or you may form a group with friends.

    You may simultaneously enroll your child in a math class and a reading class. Group classes run once a week and the content builds on itself, month after month.   The math classes are designed to run through the year in preparation for the next level.  How long a particular reading level class runs depends on the students’ comfort level with the content and can vary from group to group.  Each reading level continues for a few months and once a child begins with a reading level, they can seamlessly transition into the next level of reading classes on a continuum.

    New classes typically start up in the Fall.  Periodically, new classes may start up during the school year as well.  Please contact us to let us know you are interested.   Given availability, you are welcome to join a class that is already in progress at any time.  If you would like to join a class in progress, we may recommend some 1:1 sessions for your child so that they feel comfortable joining the class.


    Tuition per child – Small Group (up to 4 children)
    Packages One Hour*/ Week Summer Classes: One Hour*/ Twice a Week
    Tuition Per Month** $250 TBD
    *50 minute sessions; **4 weeks/month


    We do not require very much additional homework.  However, so that your child can fully enjoy this new adventure in learning, it is very important that you follow the instructor’s recommendations.  For example, for our reading classes, we often just ask that you review class material/practice the given reading book.

    There is a one time annual curriculum fee of $50 per subject (reading or math). Fee is valid for the current school year, from September to June.

    New student specials apply to the first month of tutoring. All tuition/fees are non-refundable.


    Group Class Schedule

    Classes start on September 27  and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  

    Currently, all class times are open to the different levels of math and reading. Please select your top 3 choices for times when you register. As soon as we receive your registration, you will be contacted regarding tuition information. Once tuition is received, we can confirm a spot for your child.

    Currently Running with Space Available:

    Step 1 Math: Th 5:15 PM

    Step 1 Reading: Th 6:15 PM

    Step 2 Reading: Th 4:15 PM


    New Class Times Available:

    Step 1 Reading, Step 2 Reading, Intro to Math, First Grade Math 

    Tuesday at 5:00 PM

    Wednesday at 5:15 PM, 6:30 PM

    Thursday at 10:30 AM, 1:50 PM

    Saturday at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM


    If these times do not suit you, let us know and we can take a note of it and see if we can find other parents for whom your proposed times may work. You are most welcome to form a group and propose a class time other than those listed above.


    Early Edge 1:1 Tutoring for Preschool – First Grade

    Above and Beyond… We not only dedicate ourselves during the session times with the student, but we spend additional time planning ahead and preparing the perfect resources to meet your child’s individual needs and style of learning. Our lessons are not dependent on a set packet of worksheets. We use creative and dynamic methods and materials to keep your little one engaged and enjoying their new adventure in learning. We keep parents informed and also take the time to communicate with the students’ teachers. We believe in fostering an integrated team environment to support each child and we work hard to make that happen.

    We can always recommend skills to work on between sessions.


    1:1 Tuition per child – Preschool to First Grade
    Packages Half Hour/ Week Half Hour/ Twice a Week
    Tuition Per Month** $180 $350


    1:1 Tuition per child – First Grade
    Packages One Hour*/ Week Each Additional Hour*
    Tuition Per Month** $300 $75
    *55 minute sessions; **4 weeks/month


    We strongly encourage a commitment of at least two sessions per week, especially for beginning readers. At such a young age, just one session a week is often not enough. Children need regular repetition to learn effectively and gain confidence. Meeting only once a week can lead to frustration/disinterest in the child if they need to repeat the same lesson over again.  Group classes for beginning readers work out just fine once a week because the sessions are longer and the group environment is more motivating for our youngest learners, enabling them to focus better.

    However, we do recognize that busy schedules sometimes do not allow for meeting twice a week. On a case by case basis, the instructor may approve meeting once/week (always on a month to month trial basis). 

    We always encourage parents to work with us as a team and support your child’s learning at home. 

    There is an annual curriculum support fee of $50 per subject (reading or math).  Fee is valid for the current school year from September to June and covers manipulatives and other tools/games used to enhance your child’s learning experience during the sessions. 

    We will recommend any additional materials/workbooks for your purchase based on your specific goals for your child. 

    Please contact the center to schedule your session times.  1:1 times are dependent on tutor availability and cannot be scheduled online.

    New student specials apply to the first month of tutoring only. All tuition/fees are non-refundable.


    Registration/Lesson Rescheduling Policies/Center Closure etc.

    Please click here for information.



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