• email: info@KidsWithAnEdge.com | (360) 209-3135 
    Located in North Seattle
  • email: info@KidsWithAnEdge.com | (360) 209-3135 
    Located in North Seattle
  • Mission

    To provide children with a safe, loving and nurturing environment where they will develop their own special and unique identity, a happy heart, a healthy body, and a strong mind.

    To "play with a purpose", in order to give each child an early edge so that they will succeed in learning and they will succeed in life.

  • Curriculum: Play With a Purpose

    Special and Unique Identity - Curious, Creative and Confident

    We believe it is very important to foster your child's curiosity and creativity by encouraging exploration and self-expression through play, art and social interactions.

    Dramatic play, small skits and building toys will all provide an outlet for your child's imagination and individuality.

    We feel it is important to encourage your child by validating their questions and observations. This will help to build their confidence and give them the freedom to develop their own unique identity. The more they are able to share their excitement and interests, the more eager they are to discover.

    Circle Time and Show 'n' Tell will give your child a chance to share what is important to them and to learn from their peers.  It will also give them the opportunity to practice verbally expressing themselves.

    Happy Heart - Expressing Gratitude and Compassion
    We want to help your child develop a character of respect and integrity as a global citizen. They will enjoy the colorful diversity of many different cultures as we "travel around the world."  While traveling the world, they will have the opportunity to learn some Spanish and Hindi - two of the most spoken languages in the world. 

    They will develop a sense of empathy and compassion as they form new friendships and learn to successfully resolve conflicts, to share/take turns, and to be patient as they other's viewpoints. 

    Practicing a sense of gratitude will help them to mold a positive and resilient outlook in life.

    Healthy Body - Active and Making Good Choices
    Your child will learn how to take care of their body through nutrition and hygiene.

    They will explore yoga and enjoy the fast pace of Bollywood rhythms as we do our own version of Zumba!

    They will run and play and climb outside in the park.

    They will also move to their own joyful beat as they uncover basic music concepts.

    Strong Mind - Empowered and Eager to Learn
    We have worked hard to create a tried and tested, unique and integrative academic curriculum that will gently prepare your child to take the next step with a sense of confidence.

    Children are full of energy, so we believe in engaging large and fine motors skills in a highly interactive environment as we introduce your child to basic numbers/math, science, social studies, and pre-reading/reading skills. We believe in play with a purpose.  When your child is ready, we will also use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. 

    They will also learn the alphabet in sign language.

    Kids With an Edge has their own robotics team and so your child will be able to  interact with our EV3 robot.  

    Kids love to be little helpers.  Classroom "jobs" will help instill a sense of  responsibility and leadership.  

    Having a small class size enables us to customize our approach to benefit your child's interests and abilities in order to foster a lifelong love of learning.

    Please refer to  A Preschool with a Purpose for more information.

    We feel it is a privilege to team with parents in helping their little ones grow to their happiest potential. We will always be available to address any concerns and will be sending home regular personalized notes with your child as well as more general class information.

  • Enrolling Now!


    Classes will be held in a friendly, clean, spacious and dedicated space, with lots of natural light.  Since the school is located right in front of Licton Springs Park, we will have access to a great outdoor play area with lots of space to run, climb and swing.  

    Small class sizes will enable us to provide personal attention and a dynamic approach to teaching in order to support the unique interests/learning style of each child.  We will communicate regularly with parents so we can work with them as a team to make sure their child is happy and thriving. 

  • Emerge! Preschool Program

    Ages:   3-4 (3 by December 31st)

    Time:   9:15 AM to 1:00 PM

    Special Introductory Tuition:   

    M/W       $350/month

    M/W/F $475/month


    I will provide an organic snack. 

  • The Early Edge Pre-K

    Ages:   4-5 (4 by December 1st)

    Time:   9:15 AM to 1:00 PM

    Special Introductory Tuition:   

    T/Th       $350/month

    T/Th/F     $475/month

    (additional days may be available)

    I will provide an organic snack. 


  • Questions?

    Q.  How do I decide whether to enroll my 4-year old in Emerge! or The Early Edge?

    A.  Does your child like to pick up and "read" their favorite story book "all by myself?"  Does your child have you read them everything possible on a favorite subject (dolphins, dinosaurs, etc.), and then spend hours turning the pages of those books?

    Is your child curious about numbers, time, or shape concepts?

    If so, you might have a hungry little learner who will thrive in exploring pre-K concepts alongside their friends in a fun and nurturing environment. 

    If you feel your child is not quite ready to step into The Early Edge, then Emerge! is the perfect place to start.

    Q.  How can I be sure your programs are the right choice for my child?

    A.  Kids With An Edge programs provide the perfect balance of age appropriate learning through play, sacrificing neither play nor learning.  They focus on the child as a whole.  Please visit the curriculum page for details. 

    The new Seattle Preschool Program is based on the fact that, “A large body of scientific evidence has shown that the fundamental architecture of the brain is established before a child enters kindergarten. These early years of a child’s life are an important window of opportunity for social and cognitive development." 

    Emerge! will seamlessly lead the younger preschoolers right into The Early Edge for the following year.  For more details as to why Kids With An Edge is the right choice for right now, please visit the A Preschool With a Purpose.   


  • Additional Information

    Registration:  $125

    We will follow the schedule for Seattle Public Schools.

    Children must be immunized.

    We request that your child be potty trained. However, if needed, we are always available to assist a child in the bathroom and will be making regular reminders to use the bathroom. Everyone will be asked to "try" and use the bathroom before we head outdoors! 


    Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or make any suggestions.